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  • Dr. Lisa Ghent, ND

Easy meal planning for the busy family

If your family is anything like mine, we start the week with really great intentions for being organized and eating healthy. But then life happens and by the end of the week everything has fallen apart and you are grabbing take out on the fly because the idea of cooking another dinner feels like too much. I don't know who the people are that batch cook, but I applaud them; I just don't have time to do it myself.

After going through many iterations and trying out what feels like a million different ways to manage meal times, I have finally landed on a plan that works for us. I have realized that I just don't have the time to maintain difficult, time consuming meals. This has been a super hard realization for me because I am a foodie. Before kids I cooked gourmet all the time, and while I still love that food, my lifestyle just isn't set up for it anymore. I also want to make sure everyone is healthy, though, getting enough vegetables and protein. So rather than trying to make myself continuously going through the cycle of feeling like super mom for a few days, followed by feeling like a complete failure, I decided that it was time to find middle ground.

I'm going to share with you our family's EXACT two week meal plan. You'll notice that I did not assign days of the week to each recipe. I've personally found that it's just not realistic to do tacos every Tuesday, for example, so this plan allows me to have the seven recipes I need which I can assign to the day of the week each individual week. I provides variety, but not too much. And above all else, it's easy. I use a combo of made from scratch and pre-purchased foods to help us strike the balance between lifestyle and nutrition that is necessary for us right now. I have purposely also picked recipes that for the most part can be cooked in multiple batches and then frozen or used for lunches the next day because I don't know about you, but the novelty of school lunches wore off the second week of September.

Here it is (feel free to like, save, and share!):

Ghent Family Meal Plan
Download PDF • 54KB

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